nikita beauty and the beast cw executive panel mark pedowitz julie plec gi 'Nikita' ending, 'Beauty and the Beast' changes and more from the CW president

From his entrance to “Supernatural”-friendly classic rock to his final comics-based answers, CW president Mark Pedowitz had plenty to share about his network. Find out details about “Nikita,” “Beauty and the Beast” and more here.


Rumors have indicated that the final six episodes of “Nikita” will air as three two-hour blocks. That’s not the case, according to Mark Pedowitz. At least the first four episodes of Season 4 will air separately. The finale might combine two episodes for a two-hour event, but that’s it.

Fans can watch for “Nikita” to return some time in mid-November.

What’s up with the “Supernatural” spinoff? Find out here.

“Beauty and the Beast”

The show’s main parts — particularly the star-crossed romance of Cat and Vincent — won’t change but some other things will for Season 2. Behind the scenes, Brad Kern has joined the show as an executive producer. More visible for viewers will be a change in the “beast” design.


If you were wondering about why there is suddenly a period drama on The CW, you’re not the only one. But there is a method in this scheduling madness. With the demise of shows like “Gossip Girl” and “90210,” The CW felt that it needed something new for female audiences (apparently, “Arrow” is for boys).

Thus, we get “Reign.” “We felt that by going with ‘Reign,’ we’d attract women of all ages,” Pedowitz explained.

“The Carrie Diaries”

While Pedowitz expressed confusion at the low ratings of “The Carrie Diaries,” he seemed hopeful that the show’s new timeslot (combined with delayed viewing of Season 1) would bring numbers up. It will be paired with “America’s Next Top Model” for the new season as well — The CW sees this as a better fit.

Samantha is on her way, but will Carrie meet any of her other future friends in Season 2? Don’t count on it. The upcoming episodes will highlight the early relationship of Carrie and Samantha and therefore won’t have time for any other girls.

Will “Arrow” make “Flash” happen?


Apparently, fans would have found out about the mystery of Stephen Rae in “Cult” Season 2. Only there wasn’t a Season 2. Thus, the true identity and agenda of TV producer Stephen Rae must remain a mystery for the ages.

Other CW stuff

Despite the perennial low ratings for The CW, parent company CBS and the network itself are happy about the state of affairs. Thanks to “Arrow” and to solid veterans on the network, ratings even went up slightly, according to Pedowitz.

Combine that with profits from other deals and good digital performance, and things are good at The CW. There may even be more comic-book related shows at some point in the future.

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