lyndsy fonseca nikita 320 'Nikita': Lyndsy Fonseca shows off her tattoosLyndsy Fonseca might be better known for playing the pretty and sweet roles, like the love interest in “Kick-Ass” or Ted Mosby’s future daughter in “How I Met Your Mother.”

During Zap2it‘s visit to the “Nikita” set in Toronto, however, she reveals to us how it’s now her turn to kick some ass — and maybe still look pretty doing it.

In the scene we see her shooting, her character Alex is a new recruit at Division, the agency that once trained Nikita (Maggie Q) to be an assassin. Following a panic attack during training, Alex must face Amanda (Melinda Clarke), a mysterious woman in a position of power in Division, to explain what’s going on in her damaged psyche. (Read Clarke’s take on the scene.)

“Amanda is definitely not somebody Alex likes,” Fonseca tells Zap2it during a break. “Amanda symbolizes someone very negative to Alex. That will always be somewhat of a barrier.”

Be sure to watch the whole video because she’s also open about her tattoos and how she and Maggie Q are lucky to be inked up on “Nikita.”

Alex has to back up those tats with street cred and a tough attitude. Much of her time at Division is spent learning to go undercover, manipulate people and fight in as many forms as possible.

“I’ve had two episodes of fight sequences with Tiffany Hines and then this episode with Ashton Holmes,” says Fonseca. ” Already we did brawl cat fighting and now we’re doing the bo staff.

“I think the regular fighting is easier. It’s a little more rough and stuff,” she adds, “but the bo staff, the faster you do it, the better it looks, so that’s what I’m practicing right now is getting the speed. I really like these challenges. It’s really awesome.”

It sounds to us that Alex’s issues added to her new fighting skills could land her in a lot of trouble — not that she’d mind at all.

lyndsy fonseca melnda clarke nikita 320 'Nikita': Lyndsy Fonseca shows off her tattoos“There’s not a whole lot that can scare Alex,” Fonseca observes. “She’s not afraid of dying. She’s been through it all — you name it, she went through it.”

Fonseca debuts that fearless attitude when “Nikita” premieres Sept. 9 on The CW.

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