Nikita-Clawback.jpg“Nikita” is back with an all new episode on Friday (Mar. 16) and we got a chance to chat with the wonderful Maggie Q. This lady does it all. She fights, she acts and she donates a ton of her time to saving animals. (Right now she’s working with to help save tigers, polar bears, sharks, elephants and whales!) Maggie gave us a sneak peek at what’s coming for Mikita, the possibility of Season 3 and the big showdown with Amanda (Melinda Clarke).

Q gave us a tease of what’s coming in the new episode, saying, “Nikita finds out that her friend is, in fact, alive. Which is a huge relief obviously. And then the big trade that happens with Percy (Xander Berkeley). The way I would solve the next episode is comings and goings. I would say Nikita gets a huge gift and she also loses something very big.”

If they get a Season 3 pickup, Q tells us what she’d like to see happen to Nikita. “In season 3, I would hope that after season 2 there would be not demons that are taken care of, but demons that at least are recognized,” she said. “You know in the first in healing or getting better is obviously number one you have to recognize the problem. You have to find what your truth is, which is what Nikita is gonna do in Season one.”

Everyone wants to know about Mikita, of course and Q tells us that Michael (Shane West) is going to act like a typical guy. Tell us if this sounds familiar to you, ladies. “You’re going to see him do the ‘guy thing’ where he does the right thing or does right by her, or puts her first in the big picture, or in the broad picture, but not really saying the thing that he needs to say to her for her to actually be at ease — guys always do that. Guys always go ‘But I did this, and you should know.’ And it’s like no, we wanna hear it.”

Q also says that not only are we getting an Amanda/Nikita showdown, but that we’re going to have some flashbacks that will show a more human side of Nikita’s foe. We’re also going to get a look at why she and Nikita were close at one time.

“Nikita” airs Friday nights on The CW.

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