nikita maggie q 02 320 'Nikita' recap: First KillFor some reason, Alex is tapped for a mission where she has to kill some crime boss. Who he is or why he has to die isn’t really important; it’s all just backdrop for the real plot of the episode. In fact, neither Nikita nor Alex discuss trying to save him. Nikita does plan on killing the guy herself, though, so that Alex doesn’t have to become a murderer. Alex protests that she can do this, and we get flashbacks to when Nikita and Alex were planning the robbery (from the series premiere) that shows this pattern in their roles. When Alex botches the assignment, Thom’s the one who takes him down. At Nikita’s insistence, Alex hands her over to Division, so that they don’t “cancel” her for her failure. The plan is for Alex and Nikita to escape together once they’re inside Division, but things don’t go well for them.

There are a couple of hitches in the plan: First, there’s the ever-annoying Jaden, who has ratted out Alex to Thom. Then there’s Birkhoff, who has finally uncovered the secret chatting program that Alex and Nikita have been using. The software is untraceable, though, so they have no idea who’s been using it. All they know for sure is that Nikita has some mole on the inside helping her out. Everything comes to a head when Alex sets off bombs to create the diversion that will allow her and Nikita to escape. Thom finds her, and even though Alex wants to explain everything to him, they start a fight that ends with Alex accidentally shooting and killing poor Thom. Nikita escapes while Alex plants evidence on Thom’s body that marks him as the mole. Having thus completed her first kill, Alex graduates to full agent status. She doesn’t feel much like celebrating. Stay tuned for the full weecap.

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