nikita melinda clarke 320 'Nikita' recap: Future ImperfectThings pick up where they left off last week. Michael has brought Alex back to Division after Vlad the wee Russian shot her full of heroin and coke. Unfortunately, Amanda’s idea of rehab involves shooting Alex up with other drugs that supposedly ease her withdrawal symptoms, but also make her hallucinate and freak out a lot while in a waking dream. Amanda interrogates Alex, trying to find out what Alex has been hiding from her. From Alex’s perspective, she’s not dreaming but trying to escape Division while rescuing her younger self. Also, she totally knows there’s some crazy heat between Nikita and Michael, based on how she imagines them making out. Amanda can hear everything she says while in her dream state, including murmurings about Nikita, Nathan, Thom and her dear old Papa. The whole time, some evil, unseen presence is hunting her down. Alex only says “she’s coming” or “it’s her” in identifying her enemy. She doesn’t say anything too incriminating, at least as far as her working with Nikita, but Amanda recommends to Percy that they “cancel” her anyway.

Meanwhile, Nikita and Michael are both concerned about Alex. Nikita’s concern leads her to making plans for Alex’s escape from Division. Michael’s leads him to work some CSI-level audio magic on a phone call Alex once made from Nikita’s Loft of Fabulousness. He matches the sound quality to a call he got from Nikita years earlier, which leads him straight to the loft she inherited from an assassination target she once helped escape. It’s all very complex and complicated; we’ll get into it more in the weecap. The important thing to know is that Michael shows up at Nikita’s and he’s got a really, really big gun to show her.

Alex’s final hallucination reveals her enemy. The “she” she fears is herself, some years in the future after she’s taken back Zetrov and become a scary business czarina. Her future self kills Nathan and the baby that Alex imagines having as part of a normal life. This bleak future was Nikita’s concern, as well.

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