nikita maggie q 05 320 'Nikita' recap: Man TroublesRemember all those “black boxes” of secret info Percy has stashed around the world on “Nikita”? He has special guardians assigned to each of them. One guardian, a foxy fellow named Owen, is interrupted by a bank robbery while trying to update one of those boxes.

Loyal to the core, he contacts Percy, who promptly hops on a jet in the middle of another op to rendezvous with him and retrieve the box. This makes Michael suspicious. Fed up with Percy’s non-answers, he does a little snooping to find out what’s going on. Little does he know, Alex is snooping on him at the time and immediately feeds the new info to Nikita.

But Alex’s actions don’t go entirely unnoticed: Thom, having followed Alex after her hasty exit from a training exercise, sees her leaving Percy’s office. He’s pissed that she’d be so reckless. She lies and says she was just digging for her own files. Thom doesn’t turn her in, even when Birkhoff tries to frame Jaden for the security breach. When Alex later goes to patch things up with Thom, he kisses her. Somehow, she resists his ruddy-cheeked sweetness and, embarrassed, he closes himself off at once. Aww.

Meanwhile, Nikita has caught up with Owen. Turns out Owen has fallen in love with a young lady named Emily. Nikita tries to convince them that she’s the only one who can protect them, but Owen is still loyal to Percy. Right up until Emily gets a sniper bullet through the chest. Roan and Percy torture Owen in an effort to find where he’s hidden the black box, but he doesn’t budge. Nikita catches up to them just as Owen has fought his way out of captivity and is about to kill Percy. She wants him dead, too, but they have to destroy all the black boxes first. They escape and Owen apparently spends some time in Nikita’s fabulous loft, recuperating whilst wearing little black undies. Yowza. Stay tuned for the full weecap.

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