nikita lyndsy fonseca 320 'Nikita' recap: No Good Deed Goes UnpunishedAlex is assigned to steal a prototype cellphone from the lonely nerd who invented it on “Nikita,” which she does on their Division-arranged date at a nightclub. While there, she runs into Irina, a girl who came to America on the same cargo ship as Alex. Alex got away from Vlad, their pimp, but Irina wasn’t so lucky.

Alex reaches out to Irina against Nikita’s warnings. Irina immediately turns Alex over to Vlad, who’s been looking for her ever since Nikita rescued her two years earlier. He’s done some research and found out that Alex is Alexandra Udinov, daughter of the assassinated Nikolai Udinov. Vlad wants to sell her to her father’s enemies. He keeps her in a cage that would be too small for a dog, and when she refuses to confess her true identity, he injects her with a speedball, taking her right back to her junkie days.

Meanwhile, both Michael and Nikita are each looking for her. They can’t find her because Alex’s chip doesn’t transmit from Vlad’s underground lair. Their individual searches bring them to the same Russian bathhouse where they fight each other and then the Russian mobsters they’ve barged in on. They agree to work together, with Nikita claiming she’s only interested in the prototype cellphone. Just as Nikita and Michael are storming Vlad’s lair, Alex convinces Irina to set her free. Alex’s first act as a free woman is to shoot Vlad several times. This comes after flashbacks in which we see that Nikolai has most likely killed people and predicted that his daughter will do so one day, as well, because it’s “in her blood.”

At the end, Michael brings a strung-out Alex back to Division and leaves her in Amanda’s tender, loving care. Alex was probably better off in Vlad’s cage.

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