nikita pay off recap 'Nikita' recap: 'Pay Off' finally gives Nikita's team a happy ending ... but is it all a lie?

It seemed too good to be true. On Friday (Dec. 13) night’s all-new “Nikita,” Nikita, Michael, and Birkhoff saved all the captives of The Shop including the real President of the United States and Birkhoff’s dad, Ronald Peller. They captured Mr. Jones, Amanda was killed, they exposed Jones and Amanda’s plans to every intelligence agency around the world, and it was all over. They won.

But when things seem too good to be true, that’s because they are … we do have two more episodes of “Nikita’s” final season to get through, if you recall. Jones knew that Nikita and her team wouldn’t stop until they thought that justice had been served, so he created a double of Amanda to die, and he got captured on purpose to give Nikita a sense of victory. It was all a part of his bigger plan.

Jones and Amanda have now created a bubble for Nikita to live in, thinking she and all her loved ones are safe, and they “won.” But that’s even more dangerous, since they’re now going to be living their lives as if there’s no more danger. Ignorance is not bliss, in this case. But how did they achieve their “victory”?

After The Shop gained control of all of Pakistan’s missiles, Ryan came to the realization of The Shop’s ultimate goal/who they are. Seeing as how they’re trying to start a world war, who benefits from that? The people who manufacture weapons to fight those wars, a.k.a. private weapons manufacturer MDK Industries, whose CFO is Mr. Jones himself. Boom!

Ryan came to this realization with the help of Sam and Alex, after one of The Shop’s assassins tried to kill Alex in her hotel room. Sam beat the guy for that vital piece of information, but only after he was about to betray Alex and leave with her diamonds to pay off whoever he’s in debt to, leaving her alone in her room to be ambushed. Luckily he saw The Shop guy head in to the hotel and saved Alex, but Alex then decides to figure out if she can trust Sam once and for all. She plants a tracker with fake diamonds, gives them to Sam and tells him to take them to Paris where Sonya’s setting up a safe house. She’ll “act as a decoy” for The Shop and meet up with him after, but really she wants to see if she can trust him not to run off. Can she trust him? Should she? We don’t know yet.

At MDK headquarters, Amanda has Ronald Peller, a.k.a. Birkhoff’s dad, work to destroy Shadownet. He seems way too eager to help Amanda, but that’s because he was just fooling her: he actually helps Birkhoff by sending him his IP address, alerting the team that Amanda’s headquarters are in Dubai. That’s where they were able to rescue all the prisoners, and blow it up before it could send Pakistani missiles at American aircraft carriers. MDK was blown to smithereens, but according to Jones — who is sitting pretty in a cell with the real Amanda — says that MDK was but one arm of their organization that needed to be cut off (like that call back to Michael’s hand) in order to go ahead with their plans.

Speaking of Michael’s hand, one good thing that came out of this fake victory is that Michael finally forgave Nikita for leaving him. With the help of returning character Ramon, he realized everything Nikita had done was because of how much she loved him. It went back even further than leaving the team to go on the run. She paid the price for Michael’s hand from The Shop when he refused to agree to the terms. She became the one hunted for killing “The President” (or at least the double of the POTUS) instead of him, even though he never asked her to take on that role. She did it without asking, because that’s who she is.

With this fake victory, Michael and Nikita are planning to live happily ever after, together once again. Birkhoff has been reunited with his father, and Ryan is ready to reveal the whole story to the public to clear their names. But how much do you want to bet their happy bubble is about to come crashing down? We’ll see if it does next week, with only two more episodes to go before “Nikita” comes to an end.

“Nikita” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum