nikita maggie q 02 320 'Nikita' recap: Welcome to the NeighborhoodAlex has graduated from Division’s recruit program. Birkhoff installs a new tracking device that Alex doesn’t know can give her an aneurysm any time Percy wants. Michael takes her to her fancy new apartment and tells her she’s pretty much on her own till they need her. She’s all awkward and unsure of what to do or how to pretend to be normal. Shouldn’t she have learned that before graduating?

Anyway, she soon meets Nathan, the coincidentally good-looking guy who lives across the hall. He invites her to come hang out and stuff, but she’s mostly a total dork about every social encounter. She soon meets up with Nikita at a Bed, Bath & Beyond sort of place that becomes their rendezvous point for the rest of the episode. Nikita plans to remove Alex’s tracker, but soon realizes she can’t do it without possibly killing Alex. Does she tell Alex this? For some reason, no, she does not.

Instead, she persuades CIA agent and fourth Chipmunk Ryan Fletcher to “arrest” Birkhoff so she can hack into his laptop and access Alex’s tracker. Michael soon swoops in and rescues Birkhoff, leading to the episode’s only real fight scene. Boo. Nikita gets the info, but she can’t deactivate the tracker, so she just reprograms it a little bit. Now Division will think Alex is at home when she’s really out doing her secret mole work. Nikita encourages Alex to run away, but Alex insists on staying to fight Division, even as she starts to get overly comfortable with her new fake life. During all this, she has flashbacks to her father telling her she’s meant for something great, because we can’t have a CW show without fate and destiny. For his part in the plan, Fletcher gets demoted at work, but promoted to Kissable Status by Nikita. Whether or not he finds this an even trade remains to be seen. Stay tuned for the full weecap.

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