nikita season 3 division comic con 'Nikita' Season 3 scoop from Comic Con 2012: A Nikita Michael shower scene? Plus moreThe cast of “Nikita” might have to deal with some pretty heavy stuff from episode to episode, but off set, the gang clearly has a good time. At the show’s Comic-Con 2012 panel, despite talk of torture, darkness and dead Percy, plenty of laughs were had. Here are the best moments from the panel, plus some scoop dropped by none other than creator Craig Silverstein himself.

–The first big bad guy of the season — i.e. the first of the dirty 30 rogue agents Division is out to shut down during Season 3 — will be played by “Alcatraz” inmate Jeffrey Pierce. “He’s a badass,” Silverstein says.

— The theme for Season 3 is family. “Nikita’s a lone wolf, and she’s built up this family around her that she didn’t intend to,” says Silverstein. But things won’t be rosy forever – expect the relationships to fracture at some point.

— “I think it’s now this one big slightly happy dysfunctional family that has to get along in running Division again. … No one’s going to agree on anything,” Shane West says with a laugh.

— Alex’s love life will be in full bloom during Season 3 as Alex dates Sean (Dillon Casey). It’s a good thing, considering, as star Lyndsy Fonseca puts it, “He looks really good naked.”

–Birkhoff, on the other hand, won’t have such great luck in the romance department. Although he finally kissed Sonya at the end of Season 2, there’s some tension between them when we return a month later. Still, “He’s doing well by Birkhoff standards,” says Aaron Stanford, who plays the Division IT guy.

— Now, completely out of context, the following exchange:
Maggie Q: “Aaron smells like a little baby. You know when you go to kiss a baby and you’re like ‘Yummy?!’ That’s what Aaron smells like.”
Stanford: “Don’t let her infantilize me. I’m a man, goddammit!”

— Nikita and Michael will have some happiness for a while, says Silverstein, but Michael will struggle. West says, “You’re going to have the light Michael and the dark Michael. I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised and maybe shocked by what’s going to happen to Michael this season.”

— A couple of little details will be different in Season 3. Amanda (Melinda Clarke), who won’t be back until episode four, will have a brand new hairdo. The Division set will change, adding a new briefing room so as to have fewer scenes crowded with 10 people.

— Two words: Shower scene. It’s happening, says Silverstein, even though creating a shower on screen is way harder than you’d think. Better give the actors a heads up though. “You’ve got to get me into yoga soon,” jokes West.

— The actors’ Russian teacher is so pretty that Maggie Q says the writers will put Russian in their episodes just so she’ll come on set.

— “Every week we’ve got some really bad people, and we hope to cast them well,” Silverstein says. Next year, expect a female Roan.

— Although Xander Berkeley‘s Percy is dead, we might not have seen the
last. Silverstein says that the reason they decided to kill off the
character is because of Berkeley’s great skill as an actor. “We wanted to
have Percy go out on top.” But it’s okay, we will probably see him
again. “He can still come back in a flashback,” Berkley promises.

“Nikita” Season 3 premieres Friday, October 19 at 9 p.m.

Posted by:Jean Bentley