nikita series finale canceled alternative ending cw 'Nikita' series finale: Nikita and Michael almost didn't have a happy ending

“Nikita” series finale spoilers are contained in this article, so read on at your own risk.

If there is one thing that can be said about “Nikita’s” series finale, it’s that it was perfect. After four seasons, showrunner Craig Silverstein found just the right way to wrap up his CW drama. Somewhat surprisingly, “Canceled’s” final product wasn’t always the way he planned the series to end.

First and foremost, Silverstein never really wanted Nikita and Michael to have their happy Ecuador ending. Though we thought it was a fitting end for the couple, he would have liked to have kept them apart if he’d had a full season to build to that point.

“I still think that there is a satisfying ending out there, one that I saw hazily, in which Nikita went off on her own and Michael got back to a normal life, which is something that he always wanted,” Silverstein tells TVLine. “But with everything going on, there wasn’t enough time to make that ending right and satisfying and to have a real, viable alternative for him that caused the audience a lot of heartache but that they understood. So, the happy ending worked, too.”

Amanda also almost got a different ending. Though it was always intended that Nikita would keep her alive and that Amanda would end up in the basement, Silverstein had a different final moment in mind for her character.

“She started in the basement as Helen. The only other [ending] we had [in mind] was this image of her in a padded cell saying, ‘I’m Helen, I’m Helen,’ over and over again, because she had worked so hard to create Amanda and to steal her sister’s identity,” he explains.

Silverstein says he would have liked to find a way for Xander Berkeley‘s Percy to come back on the show, but there wasn’t the time because of the shortened final season. “From the start of the season we thought it would be great to get Percy back in there, in a flashback to bring it full circle, but that opportunity never really presented itself in a real, organic way. It would have felt a little forced once we got to it,” Silverstein says.

As for Ryan’s (Noah Bean) death in “Bubble,” Silverstein felt someone close to Nikita needed to go.

“Really, we needed someone to die because we needed to believe that Nikita would go on a rampage in the finale,” he says. “I don’t know if everyone will buy that twist; some people will see it coming that she’s pulling a con. But the only way that it could hopefully work was if there was a real outrage and we both feared and wanted her doing [what she does].”

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Posted by:Terri Schwartz