nikita poster 'Nikita's' Maggie Q on Nikita's mission: Redemption or revenge?

Confession: We’re totally obsessed with “Nikita” and this winter hiatus has been particularly brutal after “All The Way,” the show’s fantastic and heartbreaking mid-season finale.

So are you dying to know how Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) will cope with (spoiler alert!) killing Thom (RIP!) and being activated? Or how Nikita (Maggie Q) will take down Division without having a man on the inside? And is romance coming up for Nikita and Michael (Shane West)? Or maybe a love triangle involving Nikita, Michael and Alex?

Sorry, we’re not answering those questions just yet so you’ll have to check back next week for those. We aren’t  Percy completely awful human beings though, so we’re going to give you a little something to tide you over.

We caught up with the Nikita herself, Maggie Q, at The CW’s winter television critics association press tour, where she totally charmed us with tales of walking around Whole Foods with bruises on her wrists after being strung up on chains in “All The Way.”

When the show began, it seemed like Nikita was hellbent on exacting revenge on Division for killing her love Daniel. In later episodes, particularly “Rough Trade,” we saw Nikita revisiting old cases and trying to fix the mistakes she had made.

maggie q tca 'Nikita's' Maggie Q on Nikita's mission: Redemption or revenge?So is Nikita’s story a tale of redemption or revenge? “I’d say it’s more redemption than anything. I think it’s more about Nikita having to feel human again and wanting to go back and fix the things that she didn’t have control over at the time, which is a very hard thing to do,” Maggie explains. “I don’t know if she’s going to be able to do that entirely, but she’s certainly trying.”

It seems like taking down Division along the way just happens to be an added bonus: “It’s more about trying to right wrongs than seeing people go down. I mean I think there’s a certain satisfaction in that but i think that’s a byproduct of righting wrongs.”

The CW released this pretty bad*ss poster for “Nikita” featuring Lyndsy and Maggie that reads: “Revenge is sweeter when it’s doubled.” So maybe it’s a little bit about revenge?

nikita full size 'Nikita's' Maggie Q on Nikita's mission: Redemption or revenge?


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