mic nik 'Nikita's' Shane West on 'Mikita's' future: 'It's not going to be easy peasy'Raise your hand when you were shocked by how fast Michael and Nikita ended up getting together on The CW’s “Nikita”?

Not that we minded… at all (Have you seen the chemistry between Shane West and Maggie Q), but it’s just not something were used to seeing happen on TV… in a show’s first season especially.

“Nikita’s” first season had been chock full of Michael and Nikita’s will-they-or-won’t-they tension, which we presumed would be drawn out over the course of the entire series. Leave it to one of TV’s most underrated shows to totally throw us for a loop and have “Mikita” get together — changing their Facebook statuses to “in a relationship” together — even before the Season 1 finale.

Shane West sat down for coffee with a group of reporters and shared his thoughts on all things “Mikita.” How did the actor feel about the characters getting together so quickly? “I’m glad the characters got together because that’s what we always wanted, but I was shocked that is happened so quickly. I think Maggie was, too,” he says. “It seemed like it was what the fans wanted too, but on ‘ER‘ it took
me three years to attempt one kiss! This was like eight episodes and
suddenly we were together.”

Just because the two are officially together, it doesn’t mean Michael and Nikita’s relationship will be all smooth-sailing from now on. “They are different people. They come from similar backgrounds and troubled people are attracted to each other,” West explains. “They do handle situations differently.”

He continues, “So now it’s having those, some would say, dreaded relationship talks of , ‘How do we do this now?’ It’s not just going to be ‘Oh, they’re together!’ It’s not going to be easy-peasy. And you’ll find that out quickly, in the next episodes before the season ends.”

What you will also be seeing in the next few episodes is Michael and Nikita working together to bring down Division, but we’re thinking their differences — Nikita wants to destroy Division, Michael wants to take down Percy and use it for good — may lead to some tension.

“I think the fans will be happy. I’m very intrigued to see what [fans are] going to think with the last episode. Because Michael and Nikita are together, but it looks like it’s going to be a tough road ahead. There’s a lot of questions. There’s a lot of things left open, so that we can get our season two.”

Could a normal life ever work for Michael and Nikita in the future? Through flashbacks, we learned Michael used to have a normal life and West admits, “I think a park of him does long for that.” However, West also says, “I don’t know if he is capable currently. I think over time, he will lean toward wanting to have what he had before it was taken away from him.”

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