shane west nik 'Nikita's' Shane West: Michael and Nikita are 'the love story'

To put it mildly, “Nikita” fans are divided.

When Zap2it posted interviews with Maggie Q and Lyndsy Fonseca about the show possibly exploring a love triangle between Nikita, Alex and Michael, a battle erupted in the comments between fans of the two couples.

While Maggie called a relationship between Michael and Alex “creepy,” Lyndsy said, “I think if it happens it’ll have to happen for the right reasons.”

Naturally, we had to go to the third party involved in this currently non-existent love triangle: Shane West. Take a moment and prepare yourselves Michael and Alex fans because West ain’t drinking the “Malex” Kool-Aid.

“I don’t believe that Michael can be with Alex. What I really need them [the fans] to think about it, besides the fact that Michael and Alex might look cute together, beyond that the
reality of it is Michael has had a past with Nikita. He was her teacher and he taught her and put her out on her own,” he explains. “Now he’s doing the same thing with Alex. How many other women do you think he’s done that with too over the years working for Division? Did he date them as well? Did he now suddenly date Alex? Is Michael suddenly the creepiest person in the world? That’s the problem with Michael and Alex.”michael al ni 'Nikita's' Shane West: Michael and Nikita are 'the love story'

West does say that a romance between the two could be believable, he just doesn’t want it to cheapen Michael’s humanity. “I don’t want him to be the sleazebag.”

He continues, “I’ll put it to the fans this way for Michael and Alex: If the show was
called Division and there was no Nikita character at all, then maybe I
could see Michael and Alex together. But it’s not. It’s called ‘Nikita’
and that’s truly where the love story is, it’s Michael and Nikita.”

West teased what “Mikita” fans (he find the couple’s name “pretty hilarious”) can look forward to seeing from their favorite non-couple: “You’re going to see, which I think will make the fans happy, Michael
and Nikita get closer by the end of year. I think that’s really all I
can say,” he says. “There’s a lot of flashbacks involved so you’re going to see
more and more flashbacks of Michael and Nikita when they were happier.”

West also talked about the other possible love interests for Nikita, Owen (Devon Sawa) and Ryan Fletcher (Noah Bean) and why they aren’t a good match for our heroine. “They tried a little bit with the Owen character, but I don’t really think they can make that work especially when you’ve realized Owen is the one who killed Daniel. That pretty much makes that love relationship dead,” he says. “They’ve introduced Ryan who I think would be a better match and he’s obviously clueless as to what’s going on.”

So how will Michael react to Nikita’s involvement with Owen and Ryan? “I think you’ll see obviously Michael get jealous even though she’s not necessarily having anything going on with these two,” he explains. “It’s just there to serve as a reminder of what he and her have lost. You already have seen them grow apart, but they will be brought back together.”

Catch an all-new episode of “Nikita,” Thursday, Feb. 3, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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