What started out as an innocent activity — building a snowman — quickly snowballed (heh, get it?) into something even more awesome.

Nina Dobrev shared a photo of herself with Shawn Ashmore on Twitter on Tuesday (Feb. 11). “At a shoot w/ @shawnrashmore,” Dobrev writes. “What do two Canadians do during some downtime. Build a snowman, naturally. Duh. #canadianstereotypes haha.”

Of course, now we can’t stop thinking about “The Vampire Diaries” sassy vampire Katherine Pierce teaming up with “The Following’s” Agent Mike Weston to kick some serious butt in NYC. Can you smell a crossover episode? Mike could definitely use some vampire force to take down Joe Carroll once and for all, and Katherine would love the new snarky attitude Mike has in Season 2 of the FOX serial killer thriller. A new ‘ship has been born …

Hey Kevin Williamson, make this happen! These are both your shows, after all. If anyone can make a “TVD”/”The Following” crossover happen, it’s you.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum