nine days and nights of ed sheeran review 'Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran': 6 best moments from the MTV documentary Ed Sheeran has enjoyed quite the ride after releasing his first hit album “+,” which catapulted him into pop culture and made him a household name and a staple in emotional TV and movie scenes. Seriously, if the opening chords of “Give Me Love” don’t bring tears to your eyes, you probably don’t have a heart. Just sayin’.

But after enjoying the fruits of his labor with “+,” now the pressure’s on to release an even better second album. MTV followed Sheeran’s journey as he wrote and completed “X” for the documentary “Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran,” and the hour-long show gave viewers an inside look at how stressful this endeavor truly was. Sheeran couldn’t stop focusing on how second albums are the make or break factor for singer/songwriters, and how his label is relying on his album release. But on the positive side of things, Sheeran is excited to get to show off his diverse musical skills with “X,” since “+” was an acoustic album.

Here are the best moments from the documentary, which aired on Tuesday (June 10):

— Sheeran is practically covered in tattoos, so it wasn’t all that shocking to see him add another image to his sleeve. But the really impressive part of watching Sheeran get a tattoo was the fact that he was also giving an interview at the same time. Literally while the needle is piercing his skin, he’s talking about his album like nothing else is happening. That’s pretty legit.

— When Sheeran starts signing the collars of the girls’ uniforms at his old school, he asks one before signing, “Your mom isn’t going to kill me for this, is she?” So freaking cute.

— When Sheeran recounts a story about going to a party at Jamie Foxx’s, he remembers how all the money he had made the night before at a performance went into the cab fare just to get there. Also, he passed out on one of Jennifer Aniston’s pool lounge chairs for a night. Normal.

— While working on a song, Sheeran stole a cupcake meant for Maroon 5 while recording in the studio that they use. There was even a sign letting everyone know the cupcakes were for Maroon 5. Sorry, Adam Levine.

— Sheeran met Elton John, Rick Rubin and Adele while dressed as a pirate. Eyepatch, sword, bird on his shoulder and everything.

— Sheeran steals beer bottles from all the artists he’s seen live as much as he can, and keeps the collection in his room. He proudly shows off an empty Corona bottle that James Blunt enjoyed back in 2004.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum