nintendo 2ds wii u legend of zelda wind waker hd Nintendo reveals 2DS, slashes Wii U price and adds 'Zelda' bundle

All eyes might be on Sony and Microsoft as they get ready to debut their new consoles, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo can’t shake things up going into the holiday season. The company has announced not only a $50 price drop on the Wii U, but a new lower-priced portable console, the 2DS.
The 2DS will play all of Nintendo’s 3DS games, but without the 3D option the handheld console offers. Like the 3DS, it also plays the entire DS game library. Of course, if you have a 3DS, there’s an option to turn off 3D, so the 2DS might not be for you. Unlike the other members of the DS family, the 2DS does not fold in half and has a rather bizarre shape. It hits stores in October with a price tag of $129.99 and will be available in red or blue.
The “Deluxe” or “Premium” Wii U, with 32 gigabytes of flash storage is being dropped from the current $349.99 price to $299.99 beginning September 20. Nintendo is also throwing in a copy of “The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD,” as part of a special Zelda-themed bundle. There was no announcement about the basic Wii U console, which currently sits at $299.99. Presumably its price will drop, but there’s no word yet.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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