Why are there are no sore losers at the People’s Choice Awards?

Because every nominee who attends knows they’re not leaving without a big shiny crystal trophy.  So everyone who won (or presented) anything was happily milling around backstage during Tuesday night’s show, waiting to be congratulated, photographed and/or interviewed. Or, in some cases, trying not to be interviewed.

Jessica Simpson was one of several stars – including Reese Witherspoon, Ellen DeGeneres and Harrison Ford –  who skipped the backstage print press room. Most stars preferred to chat with the kinder, softer TV entertainment shows like “Access Hollywood,” “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Insider,” all of which had decorated booths set up for brief, intimate tete-a-tetes with the stars.Portiadero_mazur_7008738_600

Degeneres, wearing a white  Neil Barrett suit and gal pal Portia de Rossi, in a sexy bright blue Vera Wang gown, killed some time between TV talks by chatting with Ray Romano.

“Listen, If  you’re bored, why not come on the show?,” asked Degeneres, who won Fave Funny Female Star and Fave Daytime Talk Show Host. “I don’t care if you’re in your underwear. Or mine.”

“I love your underwear,” responded Romano, “I have two pairs and they’re really comfortable.”

Okay, way too much information.

Then the El-word couple ran over to do an a deux sit-down with “The Insider,” submitting to questions posed by Pat O’Brien‘s sidekick, Lara Spencer.  “So I understand that you are now wearing tap shoes to dance on your show,” Spencer announced, clearly proud of her “Insider” scoop.

“No, I’m not wearing tap shoes on the show,” said DeGeneres. “Who told you that?”

“Pat told me to ask you about wearing tap shoes,” whined a red-faced Spencer. “Gee, thanks O’Brien, great question!,” she said, smiling through gritted teeth at the camera.

Rather than hang in the unprotected hallways, many stars preferred to chill in the relatively press-free zone – the Silver Spoon freebie fest/talent lounge – decorated in seductive black velvet, funereal lily arrangements, with a small bar serving beer and bubbly.

Spotted checking out the free ‘n’ cheesy products to be stuffed into their suitcase-size goodie bags:  the winning Green Day dudes, “Lost” cutie Dominic Monaghan, “Star Wars” winner George Lucas and his needs-be-digitalized daughter, best male action star (just ask him) Matthew McConaughey, Jason Lee and his “Something About Earl” co-star Jaime Pressley, truly, madly, deeply “Desperate” Nicolette Sheridan, “Commander in Chief” Lady Prez Geena (“I finally have a  hit show”) Davis, “CSI” star Marg (“I can’t believe this show is still going on”) Helgenberger, L.A. nightclub empressario Amanda Demme, once-upon-a-time model-turned- reality TV star Rachel Hunter and celeb stylist Philip Bloch, actually seen in public without his omnipresent cap.

Not exactly a hot interview anymore, Kelsey Grammer, there with his still-lovely wife Camille, had time to tickle the ivories on one of Liberace‘s old pianos in the lounge, patiently waiting for someone, anyone, to ask him about his upcoming projects, of which I’m sure there are many.

Photo Credit: Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres kill time hanging backstage after the Peeps Choice Awards
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

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