No more swimsuits? And no more sashes? What's going on at the Miss California Organization?

The organization has officially decided to toss the swimsuits from the pageant. (Oh, no! Our favorite part!)  

They will also lose those archaic sashes.

Which should make runner-up turned winner Tammy Farrell very happy.


She talks to the Dish Rag at the Hollywood Style Awards about being required to sport her sash at public events and on red carpets. Not that she minds, and kids seem to really like it at charity affairs. But she looks forward to taking it off once she's inside the parties so she can be more herself.

And in a move to perhaps avoid a repeat of last year's Carrie Prejean debacle, the Miss California Organization will also name two winners.

 Keith Lewis, executive director of the organization, explained the changes:

“This year's event will be bigger and reflect the progressive attitudes of the contestants as well as our forward-looking state. It will change the essence of Miss California USA from a bathing suit beauty contest to the style of a runway show during fashion week.”

Instead of suits, the girls will wear “individualized” costumes, which has the sound of a very loud train wreck to us.

What do you think of these changes? Long overdue or lame?

Thank God they’re keeping the crown. For now.

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