no ordinary family 320 'No Ordinary Family': ABC offers no ordinary show“No Ordinary Family,” the new family-friendly superhero dramedy from ABC, goes on the must-watch list of new fall shows.

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What it is: ABC is starting Tuesday nights off with a bang with “No Ordinary Family,” the show about a normal, dysfunctional family that survives an Amazon plane crash and discovers they have super powers. Each family member gains a different ability — but you’ll have to tune in, since some of them are a bit of a surprise in the first episode and the family members’ discovery of their abilities is fun to watch.
Who’s making
Greg Berlanti (“Everwood,” “Brothers & Sisters”) and Jon Harmon Feldman (“Reunion,” “Tru Calling”) are the creative force behind the new show.

What to look for: The family cast is great — dad Michael Chiklis (“The Shield”) mom Julie Benz (“Dexter”), daughter Kay Panabaker (“Fame,” “CSI”) and son Jimmy Bennett (“Star Trek”), but definitely look out for scene-stealers Romany Malco (“Weeds”) and Autumn Reeser (“Entourage”).

What pops: We knew Michael Chiklis was excellent from his time on “The Shield.” Heck, he even acted through his makeup in “Fantastic Four.” But as the anchor of the Powell family, he is once again fantastic. His buddy-chemistry with Romany Malco is excellent and the husband-wife relationship between Chiklis and Benz is very realistic. There is also a nice twist about superhero abilities and good vs. evil.

We hope to see more character development with the son. He was given pretty short shrift in the pilot and while that made sense, we’d like to see more of his world/problems.

Reminiscent of: “Heroes,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” in that we’ve heard there is a Watcher-type character coming, and “The Incredibles.”

Here’s a sneak peak of the pilot; the show will air at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday nights in the fall on ABC .

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