julie benz no ordinary family comic con 'No Ordinary Family': Julie Benz and Michael Chiklis take on unfamiliar characters

The biggest pull for ABC’s “No Ordinary Family,” isn’t the promise of post-“Heroes” superpowers, it’s a new, hopefully permanent, home for TV fan favorites Julie Benz (“Dexter”) and Michael Chiklis (“The Shield”).

Now an onscreen couple, they sat down with press at Comic-Con to discuss the series and how it finds them both going in completely new directions from their latest and most iconic roles.

“When pilot season started, my quest was to find a strong female character, a character who was stronger than Rita,” Benz says, referring to her departed “Dexter” character, whose backbone made only a few appearances over four seasons.

Not so much now. Her new character, Stephanie Powell, is strong right out of the gate, even before she’s imbued with superpowers. “Stephanie’s more controlled, more of a type A personality and more goal-oriented.”

And though the new powers will likely reshape her priorities and relationships as the series progresses, Stephanie pretty much steamrolls husband Jim in the pilot.

Vulnerable and passive aren’t exactly terms one would ever associate with Michael Chiklis, who made a career as a badass. And after seven years on “The Shield,” its a welcome departure.

“It’s a family show at its core, wrapped in a police procedure, wrapped in a superhero show,” explains Chiklis. “It’s really kind of great and refreshing to do something that I can sit with my family and watch. My 11-year-old even started to question if I was even an actor.”

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