no ordinary family kids 320 'No Ordinary Family' recap: A Spy in the House of PowellDr. RevCam King and the Powells are spying on each other, although neither side knows it’s being spied on… at first. You’d think the side that has a shapeshifter who can look like anyone would have the advantage, right?

Well, what actually happens is that while Charlotte blunders around the Powell homestead, clumsily imitating Stephanie and Daphne, Stephanie is still working at the lab in hopes of getting inside King’s super-secret project of evil so she can get the evidence they need to stop him. Not content to let her do the spying alone, Jim has George help him track King’s phone records to an apartment that’s clearly also an HQ for the Powell surveillance project. It turns out to be Charlotte’s, and after a brief confrontation, she escapes from Jim and vanishes into the crowd.

Katie tries to help Joshua with his withdrawal symptoms by trying to make him a batch of serum herself. But Stephanie busts her, learns the truth about Joshua, and decides to help him herself — by coming up with something that’ll get rid of not only his symptoms, but his powers themselves. Thanks?

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