no ordinary family cast 320 'No Ordinary Family' recap: Damn The ManStephanie’s old friend Lena is attacked in her home, so it’s the super-couple to the rescue, right? Nope. At least, not as a couple. Jim won’t “let” Stephanie help, so she does some investigating on her own. Eventually though, she and Jim do team up, because Lena’s assailant is a slimmed down Ethan Suplee, who can turn into steam or mist or something. It’s hard to tell, when this show leaves me in such a fog.

At any rate, Steamer was once a prisoner, and Dr. RevCam King and Lena experimented on him with the seekrit serum, and gave him the ability to dematerialize at will — you know, like the show’s audience. Eventually, Steamer shares this information with Steph, but later King covers pretty well. King also sees security footage of Jim and Steph in super-action at Global tech, and keeps that under his hat, too. And that’s not all he does in this episode; he also tells Katie all the evil things “Joshua” has done. Joshua tries to lie and cover, but Katie’s not buying it, so instead he uses some mind-control and mind-wiping on her. Ain’t love grand?

The kids’ story is better than the adults’ — this week. Chris asks Daphne out and Bailey asks out JJ. Jim won’t let sophomore Daphne go out with Chris because he’s a senior and has a motorcycle. However, Jim fist-bumps freshman JJ when he gets a date with a senior. You know, I can see the motorcycle thing, but senior boys dating sophomore girls is hardly scandalous, so this is just annoying. Daphne, righteously ticked at her dad’s double-standard, sneaks out for her date anyhow. But once Chris realizes she lied to her dad, they get in an argument and Daphne stomps off. When she is accosted by a gun-wielding mugger or possibly a rapist, Chris zooms to the rescue on his bike. But it’s not Chris that scares off G-W MopaR. Daphne does — accidentally. When she tells the guy to drop his gun and walk away, he obeys meekly, and Daphne realizes she has the power of mind control. This new newbility comes in handy when she gets home and Jim realizes she defied him and snuck out with Chris. He grounds her for two weeks, but Daphne gives him a mental push and he reverses her grounding to a “next time” warning.

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