no ordinary family kids 320 'No Ordinary Family' recap: No Ordinary AmnesiaJim’s plot, the A-plot, is mindless. Some bad guys knock over a dry-cleaning establishment. They take some cash, but they also take some train conductor uniforms, because in Metropolis, Wells Fargo doesn’t drive an armored truck to the bank. It takes the train. The whole thing is but a meaningless contrivance, so that the cops will bust in while Jim and George are taking down the bad guys. Jim hides. George gets caught and gets declared a hero. The boys fall out. Blah blah blah predicatable cakes.

Meanwhile, Daphne and JJ put their super-heads together and finally figure out that Will can’t be the guy Katie met online, since JJ is the one who created the “Will” profile. Daphne cautiously approaches Stephanie with her concerns. Stephanie broaches the subject with Katie. They, too, fall out. This is sidekick rebellion week, and it matters not that George and Katie’s rebellions are so far out of character — everyone must service the plot, such that it is.

JJ finds a genius club and meets a pretty girl. When he tries to show off his brainy newbilities though, all the blood rushes from his brain to… points south. Jim counsels him to think about baseball stats. No, I’m not lying. And it works. I’m not lying about that, either. Eventually, JJ gets some smoochies. Um, yay?

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