no ordinary family cast 320 'No Ordinary Family' recap: No Ordinary CylonsKate O’Hare at Zap2It is reporting that this season will only have 20 episodes, rather than a full 22, and ABC will air the season one (and only?) finale on Tuesday, April 5. Kate, you don’t even know me, and my birthday isn’t ’til Friday, anyhow. You sweet thing.

Seriously, I know this is Television Without Pity, but I don’t want to see anyone out of a job. And since Charlie Sheen has recently brought it to my attention with the tiger-Adonis-F18 eye beams he’s been shooting at me every time I turn on the TV (or even walk by it when it’s off), I really don’t want to see the crew lose days of work.

Oh, this is a recaplet. Right. Well, Charlie Sheen is topical. He gets a shout-out in this episode, in which the show brings in some big sci-fi/fantasy actors to spice things up: Xena, Six and poor dead Jesse from Buffy (and recently Nathan from SyFy’s surprisingly decent summer show, Haven). Here, Xena is Ms. X (ha), and she assigns Six… er, that is, Sophie Adler to enthrall Jim and George until they’re addled (see that they did there?) enough to do her bidding, which involves stealing a lot of cough syrup. Why she couldn’t enthrall someone at the pharmacy, instead, is beyond me. Meanwhile, Chris is starting to suspect something is up with the Powell family, so Daphne psychically pushes him to avoid the subject.

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