no ordinary family kids 320 'No Ordinary Family' recap: No Ordinary KatieProfessor Dick Litchfield is still testing JJ’s abilities under the academic decathlon ruse. Chris tempts Daphne into skipping school to see Sara Bareilles shoot her new video. She has to finish a history paper during her math class, so she tries to beg off, but Chris goes to JJ, lets him know he knows about the Powells’ powers, and strong arms the kid into finishing big sister’s paper. Finally, JJ strikes a deal with Daphne. He’ll write her paper if she’ll read Professor Dick’s mind to find out why he’s giving him assignments far too advanced for any high school contest.

Meanwhile, there’s a new vicious fiend on the loose, and a savaged corpse on the slab. Claw marks lead the police to think the attacks are animal attacks, but Jim and Stephanie think the evidence suggests otherwise. What evidence? Why are you asking me? Stephanie goes to King and asks him if it could be one of his supers. King lies that to his knowledge, none have developed claws, but he’ll let her know if he learns anything new.

Xena, who it turns out is Dr. King’s boss, is mad at Jesse for leaving behind the corpse, which he only did because people heard the woman screaming, and he had to beat a hasty retreat. Xena makes it clear he should have killed the witnesses too, and then sends him to the morgue to retrieve the corpse, which involves killing the coroner. In the course of investigating with Jim, Stephanie realizes two of the victims are supers, and eventually figures out that it’s Jesse who is ripping people to shreds.

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