no ordinary family cast 320 'No Ordinary Family' recap: No Ordinary Very Special Episode“No Ordinary Family” is in a holding pattern. It’s entertaining enough, but is doing nothing to make me crave more. This week is just like any episode in any nondescript procedural, and by the hour’s end, nearly everything is wrapped up in a neat, moralistic bow. If not for the likable performances from the cast (and my paycheck from TWoP), I might have cashed out by now. That said, the previews for next week imply the story is about to heat up, so I’m still holding out some hope that the writers will attend a Julie Plec/Kevin Williamson master class on the art of set up and reveal. In the meantime, let’s plow through this week’s episode. You ready? Okay.

Jim dons a black hoodie and goes on patrol in Franklin Park to crack down on a rash of muggings, only to find there’s another vigilante out there, and he’s shooting the bad guys. While the cops don’t consider the vigilante a priority, Jim does. He continues patrolling Franklin Park, mostly to make me yearn for “Buffy,” but also in order to get mistaken for the violent vigilante and thus bring “conflict” to this episode. Deadboy-Dad, the real vigilante, is a guy whose son was killed with two gunshot wounds to the head, in Franklin Park. Or is he? Yeah, he totally is, but we have to pretend he’s not until the bitter end, because Deadboy-Dad’s primary role is to serve as Jim’s morality tale o’ the week, namely: Don’t get so caught up in your newbilities that you lose the plot at home. Eventually, Deadboy-Dad is busted (as in shot by the cops) with no assist from Jim, and we all yawn and live happily ever after.

This week, we learn Jerkface’s name isn’t just Francis, it’s Francis Chiles, which makes me miss Rupert Giles, and possibly yell at Julie Benz to be Darla, but I digress. Francis now has a toe in on Stephanie’s research, and mistakes her work on her family’s abnormalities for old research conducted by some scientist who “disappeared” from the face of the earth after making a shocking discovery that can be tied to Stephanie’s wonder-plant. Dun dun dun.

Meanwhile, JJ uses his math ability to learn how to play football (it’s a trajectory thing), but Professor Dick is still suspicious, so he tells the Powell parents that he thinks their boy is on academic-performance enhancing drugs, which — what would that be, like Adderall? JJ insists he’s clean, but keeps hiding the fact that he too has newbilities. Also, Daphne uses her telepathy to learn the location of an exclusive party, but she’s still a big loser. The cool kids want to bounce her, but when they run out of booze, she tries to blackmail a store cashier into selling to her, by reading his mind and threatening to expose him for raiding the cash register. He calls both her bluff, and the cops, so Jim and Stephanie have to come pick her up and ream her out.

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