no ordinary family cast 320 'No Ordinary Family' recap: Partners In Crime... FightingIt’s Jim and Stephanie’s anniversary, so they leave their untrustworthy spawn home alone, while they take off for dinner and an overnight date at a hotel. The problem is, they don’t leave Jim’s cellphone behind, so George calls every five minutes trying to lure Jim into chasing a fire-starting super villain, whom we’ll be calling Sparkles. Jim resists George’s siren song, but when he and Steph happen upon a fire and Jim spots Sparkles, the Powells pair up to fight crime. Unbeknownst to our lovebirds, Sparkles is Dr. RevCam King’s monster, and is doing his bidding. When Jim knocks out Sparkles, the cops find and arrest the fiend, but have to bring him to the hospital.

Jim takes Stephanie to George’s lair and they plot to bust out Sparkles when he’s transported to the precinct, so that he doesn’t burn down the whole town. Once he’s free, Steph will sedate him and run blood work, to determine his kryptonite, and then disable him permanently… or that’s the plan. Said plan falls apart, because Dr. King has Will running interference for Sparkles, too. Will frees him by flipping the paddy wagon that’s transporting him, right before the Powells get to him. While Jim drags the unconscious cops out of their wrecked ride, Stephanie races after Sparkles. He’s not too slow, himself, and nearly manages to set her on fire, but Jim comes to the rescue. It all ends with Sparkles being doused (and killed) by sand or dry cement mix, or something. With the mood ruined, the Powells return to their pad and their delinquent progeny.

In the B-plot, JJ invites some bullies to his house for a poker game, because he’s trying to win enough money to buy some super-duper computer. He thinks he can beat them by using his super-brain, but in the end, he has to drag in Daphne and her psychic abilities. The bullies are brash and base, but JJ is finally winning. But then Katie and Will show up to check on the kids and put the kibosh on the game, because while there may be gambling in Casablanca, there is no gambling in CasaPowell — at least not on Katie’s watch. Will subtly uses his abilities to mentally prod the bullies to blow (and to snoop around the Powell Pad), but Katie believes she’s all commanding and authoritative, which is cute, because she’s Katie.

There’s a whole big pretense about whether Katie will tell Stephanie how naughty the ni�os have been, but when Will gets a call from Dr. King and has to beg off their date, Katie cuts a deal with Daphne: read Will’s mind and see if he really has to work or if he’s just losing interest. When Daphne tries, she gets nothing but static, so she lies to soothe Katie’s ego, and to get her out of the house. Then there’s the whole other big thing with the kids busting the marble sculpture Jim made for Stephanie, and them breaking into the school to repair it, and paying off the security guard with the poker winnings. Also Francis gets fired from Global Tech and Dr. King punishes Will for not saving Sparkles, by withholding his secret serum.

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