no ordinary family kids 320 'No Ordinary Family' recap: 'Quickie' Takes On A Whole New MeaningWell the Powell kids are far more tolerable this week, and there is no annoying narration, but some shine is off George (I’ll hit that in the weecap), and there wasn’t much progress on the new-bilities front, so all in all, “No Ordinary Family” is holding its own. It retains its likability, pacing and energy, but I’m hoping to see some more depth within the next few weeks.

Here’s the skinny: Cherry Pie doesn’t mention her virginity once this week, so we’ll just call her Daphne. She reads JJ’s mind and — whoa — it’s no longer a black hole. After JJ aces some math tests, his teacher accuses him of cheating. JJ doesn’t want to tell his parents about his new-bility, because he finally feels like they’re proud of him. When the teacher tells Jim that JJ is cheating, Jim doesn’t know what to think, because he knows his kid is truthful, but he’s suddenly doing post-grad level work. Super-genius doesn’t occur to dear old dad. Poor JJ.

Jim and Stephanie promise each other they won’t use their powers until they learn more and determine them safe, but Stephanie breaks her promise by zooming to Arizona, in order to get a water sample of the phosphorescent phlebotinum that was sent to the wrong lab. And later, she encourages Jim to break his promise, in order to save George, who is taken hostage during another bank robbery. Detective Yvonne Cho sees Jim leave the scene and confronts him at home. He demonstrates his new-bilities, but Yvonne insists he must stop playing vigilante. Jim warns her — with a surfeit of foreshadowing — about the super-powered bad guys running around town and all but begs her to let him help, but his pleas fall on deaf ears.

SCIENCE proves the phosphorescent phlebotinum is just naturally occurring phosphorescent phlebotinum, so Stephanie and Katie decide it can’t be responsible for the Powells’ powers. I can’t help but wonder if wonder-plant Trilsetum Coronis is to blame. At any rate, Stephanie tells Jim that whatever has caused it, she’s going to work at a way of curing them all, whether he likes it or not. Across town, Yvonne is shot at home by The Watcher — Dr. RevCam King’s super-powered minion, who calls RevCam after the hit and reports, “It’s done.” Have they really killed her off this quickly, or is she going to turn out to be a superhero, too? I suspect she’s dead, but only time will tell.

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