no ordinary family cast 320 'No Ordinary Family' recap: The Wedding CrashersOn “No Ordinary Family”: Right off the bat, we learn that Yvonne Cho is dead (but I’m still waiting to see the corpse), which is too bad, because her friendship with Jim could have been used to provide an ongoing undercurrent of conflict in the Powell marriage, but hey, I’m not writing the show, just writing about it, and at least for now, Yvonne and her death amount to little more than a throwaway line.

All four Powells attend the wedding of their former family babysitter. While Stephanie is cajoling Jim onto the dance floor, the lights go out, but it’s no power failure, it’s an armed robbery. The thieves strip the guests of their bling, and even take Stephanie’s wedding ring (or engagement ring — look it’s her ring, m’kay). Why she doesn’t use her super speed to sneak it out of their booty bag, I do not know. But I know Jim doesn’t use his strength and bullet-resistance to stop the crooks, because Stephanie reminds him that innocents could get caught in the crossfire. He does go after the bad guys as they make their getaway. Outside, the thugs ride to the top of the building on ropes taken right from Batman’s utility belt, but when Jim attempts to jump up to the roof, he face-plants on the side of the building instead.

What to do? Well, if you’re a newly minted superhero and one of the world’s two best sidekicks who also happens to be an A.D.A., you keep your rent-a-tux and start crashing weddings, ’til you nab the thieves. At the first wedding, Jim ends up with egg cake on his face, but at a later reception, he does nab the villains… who are promptly released for lack of evidence. George, however, manages to recover Stephanie’s ring from the latest crime scene, because apparently the crooks carry all the goods they’ve ever stolen to each new heist. WHAT? Oh, Show. Be better than that.

The subplots involve Dr. RevCam King needing a sample of Stephanie’s blood, because if the board is going to fund her wonder-plant research, they’re going to insist upon an insurance physical. Stephanie freaks out, which is dumb, because she’s a SCIENTIST, so she ought to know that blood tests are very specific. A blood lab doesn’t put your blood into a magical machine that will reveal everything about you. No. It tests for the presence or levels of specific substances like lipids, glucose, iron, drugs and UGH. So yeah, that plot turns me off, even though the adorable Katie pulls a stupid blood switcheroo that has to be unswitcherooed. Elsewhere, Daphne blackmails JJ. If he wants her to keep his super-genius a secret from their folks, he’s going to be doing her homework. He’s amenable to this, provided she’ll agree to read the mind of his new crush and find out if she likes him. (She so does not.) Also, Daphne reads the mind of her own friend, discovers the friend’s parents are breaking up, and then clumsily tells her friend she knows about it. The friend is creeped out and leaves in a huff. Daphne wants to tell her friend what’s happened to the family, like Jim and Stephanie have told George and Katie. Jim and Stephanie refuse to let her, at first, so Daphne falls back on her pre-crash super power, whining, in order to get her way. In the end though, she doesn’t tell her friend about her powers, so this was all… I’m thinking… POINTLESS. Less pointless was Daphne’s realization that Jim is up to something. She ends up following him to one of the wedding venues, with the assumption, I think, that he’s cheating on Stephanie, which — c’mon. Look at your folks, honey. Dad cheating on Mom is not how this story goes, or the casting would be so different. Anyhow, she instead runs into Dad, right as he’s chasing down the bad guys, and now she has a new thing to freak over — Daddy’s danger lust.

The episode ends with Jim swooping Stephanie up to the roof of an exclusive restaurant, where he has private, candlelit dinner waiting for them. He returns her ring, even as he tells her it’s the ugliest ring he’s ever seen. It’s just the only one he could afford when he was a struggling artist, because ARE YOU NOT YET CLEAR THAT JIM HAS NEVER BROUGHT HOME THE BACON. Stephanie argues with him that it’s beautiful, which inspires Jim to wax romantic about the night he proposed to her. “You looked at [the ring] and said, ‘That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen’,” he continues. “I knew right then I had the right girl. Every time I see it on your finger I know you love me for who I am, and I love you for the beauty you see in ordinary things.” They smooch, and Jim finally asks his smoking hot wife to dance.

There’s so much I like about this series. I see so much potential, but every week, I want to take the writers behind the woodshed for about 15 things.

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