no ordinary family cast 320 'No Ordinary Family' recap: Totally Ordinary Time SuckYou want the good news or the bad news, first? Okay. Good news it is. Amanda (Amy Acker) is back, and George smooches her on the nose. She then disappears, but manages to do so without getting her other booby blasted off, so let’s call that a win. I’m wondering about her being up and about so quickly. If this show had been panning out differently, I’d suspect she was a Super of some sort, but it’s hard to believe anyone’s thought that far ahead. In other good news, Daphne continues to pursue her burgeoning romance with Brett, by pretending she’s fluent in Japanese. After a sushi date, during which she orders them live prawns, she ‘fesses up that she’s a faker. Brett has second thoughts, but might possibly admire her honesty about her dishonesty. It’s not how I would have had it play out, but it works well enough. Elsewhere, the Watcher continues to court Katie, in order to get closer to the Powell family, but I like to think he’s a little bit smitten with her, too. I know I am. Also, RevCam King shoots the Watcher up with some of his secret serum and gives him some more marching orders. Dun dun dun!

The bad news is the A-plot. JJ’s friend Michael Oher does well on his math test, so Professor Dick assumes he cheated and that JJ is involved. So, brain-trust that JJ is, he hacks into the teacher’s computer and changes his friend’s grade and gets caught red-handed, because even sheer genius can’t purge all the stupid from teenaged boys. Jim goes down to the school to argue JJ’s case with Professor Dick, but gets nowhere. As Professor Dick drives out of the parking lot, he’s blind sided by the…

…B-plot, which is also bad news. There are carjackers lose in town. Regular police have no experience with this highly unusual crime, so it’s a good thing there are super-heroes on the case. Yawn.

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