Jessiperalta_soyouthinkyoucandanc_2For the second week in a row, I confess that while I’m no expert on the machinations of the So You Think You Can Dance judges, I’m just a bit flummoxed.

[Spoilers coming…]

Last week, the judges made a statement. They said "We’re putting originality ahead of talent, at least for now." As a result, Cedric survived.

What statement were they making this Thursday (June 28), particularly with the female elimination? They made it clear on Wednesday that if Jessi, who missed the main performance, couldn’t recover from her hospitalization in time to do a solo on Thursday, she’d just be booted. That seemed fair. You can’t dance, you don’t stick around. So Jessi came back (turns out her problem was dehydration) on Thursday and not only did she do her solo, but she and Pasha did the dance she should have done last night. I personally don’t claim I can dance, much less evaluate dancing, but I thought that she and Pasha were great, far sexier and more exiting than Pasha was with Melanie the zaftig assistant last night.

Jessi’s solo dance wasn’t so good. For whatever reason she opted to do a hip-hop routine that didn’t ask her to do anything more than strut for 30 seconds. That was a bad choice, but as the judges observed, Lauren’s solo performance was a glorified and infuriatingly partial striptease — she stood for 10 seconds, took off her jacket, bumped and grinded for a few seconds and it was over. I love Lauren’s spirit and I have a great aesthetic appreciation for, um, her, but even I figured that the judges were going to send her home, but the choice was Jessi without any real explanation. Cat Deeley, fetching in sea foam tonight, didn’t understand, nor did Jessi. As the judges noted, none of the women soloed very well.

Jesussolorio_soyouthinkyoucandance_The men’s choice was much more logical. Jesus was pretty good, but his Flashdance-style routine just wasn’t as good as what Danny and Neil did. The judges had to eliminate somebody, so he had to go.

Does this mean that Sara and Pasha are going to make a hilariously mismatched team next week?

And why am I finding it so easy to get so worked up about a show that tests a skill I neither possess nor understand? I can’t honestly tell you.

Other thoughts from Thursday’s results show:

  • How did Fergie get into those yellow pants? And why was she so great tonight after being so dull on Idol a couple months back? Is Ludacris just that magical?
  • And what was Anya wearing for the solo dance? Strips of strategically placed blue Astroturf on a black body sock? Interesting.
  • Laurengottlieb_soyouthinkyoucandancI may have a crush on Lauren, but did she really do her solo dance to a Kevin Federline song? I can’t believe she wasn’t eliminated just for that.
  • I like Nigel’s assessment of the audience voting: "What an interesting night tonight. 5 million people voted and 5 million people are wrong."
  • My colleague Hanh guessed two of the three bottom groups. The other one she guessed was Lacey/Kameron, but they couldn’t make Lacey dance for her life on her birthday, I guess. As for kicking Jessi off so soon after getting released from the hospital? Completely Kosher I guess.

    What’d you think of the results? Did Jessi deserve to go? How about Jesus?

  • Posted by:Daniel Fienberg