1nadyasulemancp6203675 Why did Nadya Suleman nix free 24 hour child care? What? No reality TV show? Then Nadya Suleman doesn’t need your stinking free 24-hour child care.

The Octomom — mother of 14 IVF conceived children — has officially passed on an offer of free 24-hour nursing care for her kids by the nonprofit group Angels in Waiting.

AP reports that the group’s founder said that Suleman seemed to lose interest in their offer after they ruled out her request to do a reality show around her childrens’ care.

Angels in Waiting lawyer Gloria Allred said she filed a request for an investigation with Los Angeles County Child and Family Services into how Suleman will care for her children.

In case you have forgotten — and seriously, how could you —  Suleman is unmarried, unemployed, lives with her parents (whose house now faces foreclosure) and receives food stamps and other government assistance.

Suleman’s new spokesman, Victor Munoz, spoke with Dr. Phil McGraw on CNN’s "Larry King Live" show Friday night and sounded open to the offer.

But he said he was really busy dealing with the upcoming release of the premature infants from the hospital, which could begin in less than two weeks.


Those poor, poor kids.

Who turns down free 24-hour care for their children?

Is Nadya holding out for a better deal? One that includes TV rights and a book contract?

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