Summerglau_terminatorsarahconnorchronicles_290 An outpouring of fan support over the past several weeks apparently wasn’t enough to save “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” from FOX’s ax.

The network’s announcement of its 2009-10 schedule is imminent, and by nearly all accounts the two-year-old series won’t be part of it. The word comes a month after the show’s finale dropped a rather major plot twist and a few days after FOX picked up “T:SCC’s” Friday-night companion this season, “Dollhouse,” for next year.

“The Sarah Connor Chronicles” averaged about 5.3 million viewers per week this season, only about half of what it drew last season (and even if you take out the show’s big post-football premiere in 2008, the first season still averaged better than 8 million viewers a week.

Nonetheless, the show had a hard-core cult following that turned out in force recently to show its love for the series. “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” was the leading vote-getter in Zap2it’s bubble show poll last month, and fans stormed other corners of the Internet as well in an effort to convince FOX to bring the show back.

There is at least one more “Terminator” story to be told. The movie “Terminator Salvation” hits theaters later this week.


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