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As much as I really really like House, I simply don’t think I’m ever going to want House and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) to get together. They’ve made Cuddy too smart a character to ever get involved with a man like House. I got excited last night when for an oh-so-brief moment I thought that the show was actually going to go forward with a Wilson/Cuddy romance instead. Not that I want Wilson and Cuddy together either but it does seem like the lesser of two romantic evils.

On a scale of one to the George and Izzie romance on Grey’s Anatomy (with the George and Izzie romance being the worst possible idea ever) and Rebecca and Justin on Brothers & Sisters being at about a four, I still put House/Cuddy at about a five or six in terms of bad story line ideas. I just don’t see myself liking any of the possible outcomes. I don’t think I want a kinder, gentler House who is made more human and compassionate by falling in love. I don’t want to watch Cuddy get hurt. The series is having such a strong season but this kiss brouhaha does concern me. On a completely unrelated note, wasn’t it so nice to see Chase and Cameron again? There’s really no reason we can’t have more episodes like that.

Speaking of Rebecca and Justin (Dave Annable), I’m not as upset about this idea as I was last season. It’s actually worse. I’m kind of bored by it. I never really rooted for them to be together in the first place so I’m indifferent to whether or not they’re in love and whether Justin is the great love of Rebecca’s life. Since I don’t really care that they are together, I don’t think I’m going to care when the break up either. How about you?

And while I’m on a diatribe about things on TV that are concerning me, can we talk about Samantha Who? I still adore Christina Applegate in the role and I still think Jennifer Esposito has the best role of her career, the show seems to be struggling in the story line department this year. It’s like they take every potential concept just a tad too far. Sam meeting a young woman in community service and wanting to turn her life around is a potentially good idea. Sam landing in jail as a result isn’t. It’s too predictable for such a clever show. I think the show would be better served by grounding itself in a tad more reality. I also think it’s suffering from a bit of the My Name is Earl Syndrome — how do you sustain a show’s rather unconventional premise in its second season? How can Sam grow and change and still be a woman suffering from amnesia? How does the fact that she used to be bad Sam not become repetitive and tedious? I’m not sure if I know the answers to all these questions but I hope the show figures it out soon because I really want the show to succeed.

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Ghost Whisperer

Since I’ve received so much email about what’s happening on Ghost Whisperer, I thought I would pass along note from Ian Sander, Kim Moses and P.K. Simonds, the producers of the show, to the fans. My problem is I don’t think the Jim (David Conrad) and Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) romance needed a reboot. You all have to let me know what you think after you’ve seen Friday’s episode. Here’s what the producers had to say:

This coming Friday night, a new episode of Ghost Whisperer will hit the air — it is very, very powerful. And, at the end of the episode, there is a big surprise.

But the key to Jim and Melinda’s future (and the rest of Season 4) lies in the very next episode titled "Heart and Soul," which airs November 21. It’s one of the most romantic episodes we’ve ever done. You will laugh and you will cry — tears of joy.

This new voyage of discovery in the Ghost Whisperer world will take Jim and Melinda’s relationship to another level. It reboots their love story and gives them something few people ever get — a second chance at true love. Thanks for taking this journey with us!

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

That was a nearly unrecognizable Vicki Lewis, Beth on NewsRadio, as the art gallery owner on Bones. We’ve also seen Lewis this season as Melissa on ‘Til Death. Jonathan LaPaglia, Anthony LaPaglia’s brother, was the rival artist. He’s recurring this season as Special Agent Brent Langer on NCIS. Nicole Hiltz, Mary’s sister Brandi on In Plain Sight, is Angela’s ex-girlfriend Roxy. She’ll show up again next week.

Joe recognized the Wireapoolza happening last week on Life on Mars. Clark Peters, Detective Lester Freamon on The Wire, was Sam’s mentor Captain Bellows. Chad Coleman, Cutty on The Wire, was Suede. And I almost didn’t recognize Chris Bauer in that bad wig. He was the past and present Father Tim. Bauer was Frank on The Wire and currently Andy on True Blood.

Speaking of The Wire, Sonja Sohn, Kima on The Wire, was the birth mother who said "thanks but no thanks" to Kitty on Brothers & Sisters.

I don’t think I’ve ever told you that Jennifer Crystal Foley is playing Taub’s wife Rachel on House. She’s Billy Crystal’s daughter and I remember her most as Christie on Once & Again.

So we all know that’s Lily Tomlin is playing Karen McCluskey (Kathryn Joosten) on Desperate Housewives. But DJ was the first reader to point out the most fun part of this casting. Joosten was President’s secretary Dolores Landingham on The West Wing and after her character died, Tomlin joined the cast as the President’s new secretary Deborah Fiderer.

Kathie caught Tom Verica as Hahn’s final patient on Grey’s Anatomy (he was the one who needed a heart transplant). Verica was Ed on The Nine and the dad on American Dreams. By the way, can you believe that was Brooke Smith’s final scene on the show? It will be interesting to see how they explain her absence tomorrow night.

Robin recognized Gregg Henry as Officer Mark Downey on ER (remember he was so upset that he had shot a teen at a Halloween party) and Cal Task on The Mentalist. Henry is a very familiar TV face. I most recognize him as Logan’s father on Gilmore Girls and Hugh on The Riches.

Dennis recognized Dan Lauria as Marshall’s boss on How I Met Your Mother. Lauria was, of course, the dad on The Wonder Years.

Michelle recognized Michelle Krusiec, who played Brian’s wife last season on Dirty Sexy Money, was Edward’s new partner on My Own Worst Enemy.

All this week’s bonus points have to go to Scott who recognized Winifred Freedman as Melanie on Without a Trace. She was Annette on Joanie Loves Chachi.

That’s all for today. I’m back on Friday with quotes of the week. Have a question? Seen a familiar face or want to nominate a topic for discussion? Write me at

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