newmoon 290 No, 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' doesn't want you as an extra... yet“The Twilight Saga: New Moon” is raking in big box-office bucks, but that doesn’t mean you can cash in just yet.

Recent notices asking for extras to appear in “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” are a scam, according to industry blog The Casting Scoop.

Among the items in the notice that set off warning bells for The Scoop’s casting-director bloggers were mention of a set shooting location (while “Eclipse” has been filmed, “Breaking Dawn” has not yet begun pre-production); a quick start date to filming (As Zap2it reported, Summit Entertainment hasn’t even decided what form the movie or movies will take); ridiculously high pay; and a contact name who doesn’t appear in approved industry sources.

By the way, would-be actors, The Casting Scoop uses this scam to do a great breakdown of what to look for (and what red flags to notice) in casting calls. Give it a look.


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Photo credit: Summit Entertainment

Posted by:Andy Grieser