nsync getty *NSYNC reunited! Justin Timberlake and the boys back together... for dinnerIt’s not exactly a reunion concert tour, but those of us who kissed JC Chasez‘s photo goodnight every night in 1998 will take what we can get. (What? We can’t be the only ones.)

E! News spoke to Justin Timberlake at the premiere of “In Time” this week, and he confirmed that all five members of *NSYNC got together for dinner — and it was the first time they’ve all been in the same room since 2006. The occasion? Band member (We refuse to write “former,” okay? We still have hope.) Chris Kirkpatrick hit a bit of a milestone.

“It was Chris’s 40th birthday, if you can believe that,” Timberlake says. “Jeez, we all got old. We did; we all got together for his 40th. It was great. We all just kind of talked about how old we’ve gotten. It was fun, it was a lot of laughs and a lot of great memories. It was just good to catch up.”

The whole thing was orchestrated by Kirkpatrick’s girlfriend, who took him to dinner and then “got sick” and asked him to take her home… where he found Chasez, Timberlake, Joey Fatone, and Lance Bass hanging out around his dining room table.

We’re not crying. It’s just that we got some nostalgia in our eye.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie