tv cancellation causes uproar nua mek 2 'Nua Mek 2' axed: TV cancellation causes uproar in Thailand

The Thai TV station Channel 3’s cancellation of drama “Nua Mek 2” has caused an uproar among fans in Thailand. Many are demanding that the series’ final episodes be aired, and believe that the government is involved in the cancellation.

Channel 3 announced on Jan. 4 that “Nua Mek 2” had been axed after it was determined that “some content was inappropriate for broadcast.” The show began airing on Dec. 14 and told the story of a Thai prime minister and his corrupt deputy who were involved in manipulation both political and magical. The final two episodes were supposed to air over the weekend, but weren’t after Channel 3 announced the show’s cancellation.

Thai media reported over the weekend that Channel 3 feared some of “Nua Mek 2’s” content would “violate the law,” the Associated Press has learned. Thai government officials have denied claims that the government pressured Channel 3 to cancel the show.

A group of hackers broke into the Channel 3 website and posted the question, “Where’s my Nua Mek?” over the weekend. It appeared for about 15 minutes, The Nation reports. Of the 1,511 respondents to a survey held by Bansomdej Poll, 96 percent did not agree with Channel 3’s decision to cancel “Nua Mek 2.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz