, which airs Fridays on Sci Fi Channel, might not be the first place you’d look for style tips. After all, most of the characters are in uniforms or military-issue casual wear for a majority of the show.

But there is a shining beacon of style: a deadly platinum blonde with the curves of a Victoria’s Secret model (thanks to actress and former Victoria’s Secret model Tricia Helfer) and the fashion sense of a high-end call girl.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, Number Six (that’s her character name) is a human-looking Cylon. Because she is a robot, she has been re-created multiple times for various tasks. That means Emmy-nominated costume designer Glenne Campbell has to dress Six not only as the dangerous sex kitten (our favorite) but also for a host of other roles.

“Because she is a Cylon with many replicants,” Campbell says, “we have to accommodate for a variety of looks — seductress, killer, angel, sister, pilot, girlfriend, secretary — and each episode can have any combination of these personas, and it can get a little schizophrenic.”

But the constant thread between all the variants and all the styles is keeping the Sixes long, lean and lithe, regardless of the role, and it’s Campbell’s job to design and create the styles that make Six an object of lust to Sci Fi fanatics everywhere. So whether she’s wearing a scene-stealing body hugger, action sportswear or a potato sack, Campbell is sure to tailor it in such a way as to keep the lines long and sexy. And yes, we did say potato sack. According to Campbell, thanks to Helfer’s natural attributes, it’s often joked that she would look great in anything. So after hearing it enough times, Campbell and her crew tried it — they actually put Six in a potato sack.

“The trick to keeping with her lines was to use her skin — her arms and legs — as the elegant, long lines of the shape,” Campbell says. “It ultimately turned into a kind of minidress.”

To help the audience keep things straight with the multiple Sixes, Campbell has given each version her own color palette. It’s a wide canvas, but the choices are bold, featuring blacks, whites, reds and tans.

But the most recognized outfit — by far — is a rocket-red knit number which Six wore in the 2003 “Galactica” mini-series. Still used for publicity photos, the body-hugging knockout is very form-fitted and features a very low-cut bodice with side cutouts and a straight skirt made of matte Lycra. Although the dress was a collaborative effort by her team, Campbell admits the look is clean and modern — reminiscent of what Gucci was doing in 2003.

“The look of the dress in the photos is quite phenomenal due to the lighting,” Campbell says. “It was an incredible impact statement.”

And when your goal is total human destruction, subtle is just a waste of time.

Posted by:Michael Korb