nurse jackie s2 e5 320 'Nurse Jackie': Back to PercocetGreat “Nurse Jackie” episode. Seriously, best of the season so far.

Coop is asked by a tortured Akalitus to serve as the Face Of All Saints for a new PR campaign directed at higher-class, insured clientele. Seems evil — and he douches it right up, of course — but then you’re reminded of the kind of worthless trash that All Saints is being forced to treat, even though they don’t deserve healthcare:

Marion Ross guest stars as a “Farscape”-looking elder-abuse case whose negligent (state-paid) caregiver is handed over to the cops to distract them from an undocumented worker that Jackie likes enough to usher out the back door so he can go back to stealing our jobs. This is exactly why the liberals want death panels, it’s s*** like this.

We finally catch a glimpse of Eleanor‘s lovely girlfriend, who is so real she’s even on TV! Sam lets Eleanor down easy after following her around with puppydog eyes for most of the episode, since his girlfriend is back in town, too. He also gets the s*** smacked out of his kissable face by Zoey when he reflexologically realizes something’s going on with her uterus. In the end, she admits to Lenny — not the father — that she got knocked up by her crush’s brother at a Staten Island barbecue, and rebuffs his attempts to be awesome some more.

Most shocking of all: When Jackie learns that Kevin and Jenny Flynn took the kids to the worst goddamn movie ever made — which Jackie wanted to see for herself — she sleeps on the couch, screwing up her back and sending her back into the sweet arms of Percocet.

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