nurse jackie 320 2 'Nurse Jackie': Bill me. At my P.O. box.Jackie’s got herself a post office box where she gets the bank statements for the impressive scrips she’s been racking up at every pharmacy in town. Every time you think we know every way she gets drugs, it turns out we didn’t even know half of them. Solution? Forget fighting with Kevin about Eleanor’s offers to pay for the girls’ education, and just take the money for herself. Damn.

Gloria spends the day on the ER floor, where she and Zoey compete for who is more rad. It is a tight fight, both challengers are champions, but her loopy interaction at day’s end with Thor puts Gloria over the top. Also the fight she wins against the Pill-O-Matix, wherein she opens every shelf and unit on the whole machine for a drug-administering free-for-all. Of course, this means Eddie will most likely be back in the pharmacy next week, which freaks Jackie right out — but at least she’s framing Sam to get fired, in about the grossest possible way.

Zoey’s awesomeness takes many forms this week, including her cute/wise work with a cracked-hip college student, but the best is when she screams (legitimately) at Coop, and gets the old boob-grab. Lenny punches Coop, Coop punches Lenny, and Zoey ends up with her feet in Lenny’s lap, watching TV in his hilarious stoner apartment. I’m worried about the Face of All Saints, but seeing Zoey scream in his face was more than enough to take away the sting.

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