nurse jackie candyland 'Nurse Jackie': Candyland isn't child's playHorrible Caitlyn Flynn returns to Mean Girl Grace about her one hundred mental disorders — and her Horrible Mom (does she look different this year?) shows up to flirt with Kevin yet again. But it’s not the Horrible Flynns that Jackie should be worried about: Eddie is now getting so close to Kevin that they’re taking care of the kids together, resulting in the mindbendingly messed up end scene, in which Eddie introduces himself to Jackie, in her own home, as though they’ve never met.

In other wrongfully crossing wires, Coop visits Eddie at the pharmacy (for the first time since his suicide attempt) and may be accidentally forming an alliance against her. A man burns his face off with a cell phone, and another guy gets mauled by a Great Dane after resuscitating it at the Dog Show, which somehow causes his testicles to migrate up his body (“like biiiiiirds,” moans the weird and wonderful Zoey B). Oh, and Jackie continues to ride New Guy Sam’s ass at every opportunity, looking ever-crazier in doing so as one by one, while the whole hospital falls under his considerable charms.

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