nurse jackie eddie 320 'Nurse Jackie': Eddie's backNo home life at all this time, but between Eddie’s return and Jackie circling the drain, it’s a full week nonetheless. Patient One is a very polite linebacker with early-onset dementia that has caused him to strip naked in a grocery store.

Everybody loves him, especially Gloria, who is a fan of his game and because he reminds her of her son we never get to hear about. Also Coop, who is feeling very left out and unfamous now that the Face of All Saints campaign is over. Jackie treats him and his wife quite well, and teams up with Gloria to try and talk the wife into divorcing him so they can qualify for better medical care. It’s rough.

Even after Eddie gets his job back with the hospital, Coop still can’t find a friend. He manages to talk Sam into having lunch with him, and Sam offers to give Coop a tour of his post-rehab life, which seems to be mostly hanging around being annoying with beatboxers. Coop complains that all cool guys hate him, which is fairly insightful, and walks Sam’s girlfriend home. I certainly hope he doesn’t grab her boob, she seems nice.

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