nurse jackie2 'Nurse Jackie': Gloria's billion dollar ideaYou know how people always say Zoey is the best part of the show? Those people are philistines. However — and with no disrespect to everybody else — those people are increasingly right.

Of all the characters who have evened out this season (particularly Gloria and Eleanor, who once were so fabulously elemental that some viewers accused them of being hallucinations), Zoey’s writing has gotten a lot tighter this season — accessing the full range of Merritt Wever’s talents without going for that creepy cringing thing she did last year — and making what was already a semi-ensemble cast into a career-making group effort. In fact, the show hangs together overall a lot better than it did last year; certainly moreso than the last few seasons of, say Weeds, where the writers sometimes don’t even seem acquainted with one other.

Anyway, this season is really impressing us. It’s much better than last season, which was already very enjoyable. So Zoey — whose deal with God last week apparently includes flirting with Lenny — is cowed by Sarah’s fame, and goes into her own personal spy movie trying to treat her brown recluse bite without admitting her. Jackie has her own reasons for taking over, after overhearing Sarah talking to one of her other girlfriends. Eleanor’s well aware, but Jackie — cheater to cheater — threatens Sarah with certain death if she hurts her BFF.

A mean old rich patron of All Saints shows up in the ER after fainting, makes fun of Coop’s whole deal with cuteness and squirreliness, and dies of a stroke after Coop grabs boobs for the first time this season. Gloria decides that her dying wish was to take a billion dollars out of the Children’s Wing budget and put them into Emergency.

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