nurse jackie 320 2 'Nurse Jackie' recap: Anybody Seen My Crackhead?HR mandates piss tests for all of Gloria’s nurses, which only Jackie and Kelly really worry about. In the end, after nonstop complaining and worrying about it, Gloria tosses Jackie’s urine sample in the garbage as some kind of revolutionary act or something. Whatever involves a total lack of consequences and return to status quo. The myriad ways in which this show refuses to ever change can be really unsatisfying.

I love how Lenny is the only ambulance driver in New York. The only patients of note this week are a pair of brothers, one of whom is both deaf and blind, but beyond Jackie’s usual high level of care there’s not much to that. Somehow Coop gets her, and everybody, involved in his big birthday-wedding plans, but the girl cold-foots it on out of there and leaves him at the altar before we even get to meet her. Having been stood up, Coop seems more distraught than ever, but the staff all sing “Happy Birthday” to him and that cheers him up. Although not quite as much as the romantic pedicab ride Eddie takes him on afterwards.

Fiona playing with matches leads to Kevin calling and calling, but since Jackie has a feeling he’s going to freak out on her about something, she avoids him all day long. Eventually he shows up at the hospital with the girls — who, predictably, love what a trainwreck Zoey is — and takes Jackie aside for a very stern conversation about why he’s been such a sour-faced monster all season…

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