edie falco nurse jackie 'Nurse Jackie' recap: Fish & HouseguestsJokes! Wisecracks! Funny script! I like this new tone, I really do. So after your obligatory, but still fairly awesome Nurse Jackie takedown (waitress-abusing businessman), we learn that O’Hara has been named Head of Emergency in the wake of her recent job search. Of course, she couldn’t care less, but once Coop gets wind of this and freaks out, the women decide to use it against him, turning him into an even more caffeinated Chihuahua than usual.

Also bopping about like a meth-head: Zoey Barcow, who has purchased a pedometer and will be doing her first double-shift and will be enjoying both these things at 100% intensity. Akalitus is moving ahead with the Fat Kid Initiative, so there are some laughs to be had there.

Jackie gets a momentary scare during a family barbecue to celebrate Eddie’s “new” job at All Saints: She thinks for a second that Kevin has left her, but it turns out his dumb sister sent him to an Al-Anon meeting, and so as usual the stakes go back to zero almost immediately.

Patientwise, there’s a neat guy patient that all the nurses really love, but we don’t really get to know him that well; there is also a young father-to-be that is losing his mind until Jackie pumps him full of Valium and the smell of a baby head.

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