edie falco nurse jackie 'Nurse Jackie' recap: Fitch Cooper Drops Some WisdomSet against the backdrop of Grace’s anxiety party surrounding a saint pageant litany thing at school, this one’s pretty funny. Kevin’s sister continues to maybe exist or at least not matter, while the dad from Wonder Years shows up for a really long boring conversation about Kevin’s horrible marriage. Eventually Jackie actually manages to impress Grace by showing up just in time for Grace’s big speech.

Of course, the only reason she’s there is that Devil Bill invited her over for some drugs, narrowly missed being killed by a gargoyle head, and then was run over by a truck. So Jackie ran away from that whole situation and back to the school in Queens, and we’re still trying to figure out what this season is actually about.

Other developments: Kelly Slater has a fondness for young ladies, like jailbait-young, so that’s his big fault. Besides, you know, how he’s obnoxious to begin with. Coop is still melting down about his moms, and it’s to the point where even Akalitus is screaming at him to pull it together. There’s a great scene in the middle where Sam acts wussy about treating drug cases because of his recovery stuff, and Jackie schools him in a great way about being of service.

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