edie falco nurse jackie 'Nurse Jackie' recap: "I'm Ignoring You Until I Feel Safe."The moving van finally comes for the chapel statues, leaving the whole place denuded and irreligious. Akalitus has also ordered in a new temp, since Sam’s become part of the ensemble, which is where the very hot Kelly Slater comes in. Kelly is pretty much the most agonizingly self-righteous person, but they seem to be setting up a fairly interesting rivalry with Jackie — kind of Sam 2.0, but with the untouchability factor.

Of course, Thor is instantly in love with him; normally Coop would be all over that s*** too but he had to spend the episode making friends with this guido guy about masculinity and its vagaries, plus he gets weird around black guys, plus he’s still pretty much a basket case about his moms’ divorce.

Jackie’s having a tough time because now that Kev’s getting interested in Al-Anon and whatever, he is getting up in her grill about recovery and stuff in that vein, and a few keystrokes later Jackie’s confirmed that he’s checking out her internet history and basically spying on her. So while Kevin is happy to believe that Jackie is getting help, and thus in a better mood than he’s been in all season, it’s also kind of horrible for Jackie.

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