edie falco nurse jackie 'Nurse Jackie' recap: "It's Not Scary, It's Our Religion!"Kevin finds the dental floss container from that B&B trip last year and convinces himself that Jackie’s back on drugs. Which she is, of course, since she never got off them. But with some quick thinking and the sobriety chip from devil-man (whose name is, apparently, Bill?) she convinces Kevin that everything’s fine. This year it seems like every episode she steals somebody else’s story or dialogue or something, it’s a weird tic I don’t remember this show ever having. Anyway, she does that some more.

Sam — who looks ridiculously great out of his scrubs, dressed as a hipster — recognizes Bill from AA, but apparently only knows about the “great sponsor” part of the Bill equation, and less about the “gets his rocks off overserving addicts” part. So once again you got Sam on the trail, which never ends well.

Kelly Slater continues to be insufferable, but Jackie is finally warming up to the idea of his destruction. Fitch spends the entire episode mooning over a terribly smug Mohawk Indian and then flies a kite, so he’s doing about as well as you’d expect. Even God is getting tired of Coop’s antics at this point, but I don’t know. He’s kind of adorable right now.

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