edie falco nurse jackie 'Nurse Jackie' recap: "My Old Family Failed, So I'm Starting A New One."Eleanor buys an entire building, while Jackie — in the wake of Drug Dealer Devil Bill’s death-by-truck — does some of the saddest addict s*** we’ve seen, like, up to and including Robotripping and No-Dozing. At thirty-seven hours of withdrawal, she finally admits to Eleanor that she’s detoxing, but it’s all rather inconclusive, because later she tells Eddie it’s been a week, so who knows. She is full of it, generally.

Lenny accidentally sticks himself with an epi, and Zoey takes advantage of the heartrate situation to ask him lie-detector questions about their relationship. It is adorable, because they are adorable. Then Jackie borrows another epi pen to knock out the dad of this annoying trashy racist family by making him think he’s having a heart attack.

Coop picks an old girlfriend at random and decides to marry her, creepily creeping out a girl who got kicked in the head by a stripper. Then they become Facebook friendsters, for some reason, because nobody can actually resist Coop.

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